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As a proud sponsor of the AGLCA we have trained dozens of looper candidates and current loopers. We thoroughly enjoy working with these spirited and adventurous members. We work with you on all things Great Loop. Route planning, locks, navigation, captain/mate communication, radio etiquette, tide/wind, tie situations, electronics, engine room systems, maintenance, repairs, etc. The loop is a massive undertaking for a new boater. Make sure you’re prepared and well trained. It’s an experience of a lifetime and we’re here to help with your journey. 

Great Loop Route

The America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGCLA) is a community of boating enthusiasts who share a common passion for embarking on a unique and challenging journey known as the Great Loop Route. This iconic waterway adventure involves circumnavigating the eastern part of the United States, encompassing various inland waterways, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. The loop typically begins in the eastern part of the United States, often starting in Florida, and continues through the Intracoastal Waterway, the Great Lakes, and numerous other interconnected water routes. It’s a remarkable and demanding voyage, spanning thousands of miles, offering boaters the opportunity to experience diverse landscapes, cultures, and climates.

The complexity of the Great Loop Route lies in the wide range of water conditions and navigational challenges it presents. Boaters must navigate through shallow, narrow channels, cross open seas, and pass through numerous locks and bridges, all while adapting to varying weather patterns and seasonal changes. The route’s diversity means that boaters need to make informed decisions regarding the best paths to take depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

This is where having a boating coach, such as Captain’s Coaching, can be immensely valuable. Captain’s Coaching offers expert guidance to boaters embarking on the Great Loop, helping them plan their journey, choose the optimal routes, and make critical decisions based on real-time weather data and other factors. These experienced coaches can provide insight into the safest and most enjoyable routes, helping boaters avoid potential hazards, save time, and make the most of their adventure. They offer personalized advice on navigation, provisioning, and even lifestyle considerations, ensuring that boaters have a smoother and more enjoyable journey while also enhancing their safety on the water. For anyone considering the Great Loop, having Captain’s Coaching as a resource can significantly enhance the overall experience and peace of mind throughout this remarkable voyage.

Captain's Coaching YouTube Channel

Exploring Captain’s Coaching’s YouTube channel is your ticket to discovering the most informative and engaging videos on boat captain coaching services by the experienced Captain Will. If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of navigation, safety, and all things related to boating, this channel is a treasure trove of knowledge. Captain Will’s engaging and expertly crafted videos offer practical insights into various aspects of boating, providing you with the skills and confidence to navigate the waters successfully. From tips on maneuvering in tight spaces to guides on handling emergencies, Captain’s Coaching’s YouTube channel is the place to go for visual and instructional content that will help you become a more capable and knowledgeable boater. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned mariner, the channel’s extensive library of videos ensures there’s something valuable for everyone looking to improve their boating skills.

Captain's Coaching Facebook

Visiting Captain’s Coaching Facebook page is an excellent way to stay updated with the latest content and information about the boat captain coaching services provided by Captain Will. Whether you’re a seasoned boater looking to fine-tune your skills or a novice embarking on your first nautical adventure, Captain’s Coaching offers invaluable expertise and guidance. On their Facebook page, you’ll find updates, tips, and insights on navigating the waters, handling various weather conditions, and optimizing your boating experience. Captain Will shares his wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, making it a go-to resource for those seeking to enhance their boating skills and knowledge. So, if you’re eager to access the most recent and relevant information about boat captain coaching, Captain’s Coaching’s Facebook page is your gateway to a wealth of valuable content and expert advice.

Great Loop Route Consultation

Have the confidence you need to both Captain your new boat as well as have expert consultation on the right vessel for your particular needs. At Captain’s Coaching we will help make the process understandable, transparent and a fun experience.

Great Loop Route Reviews

What customers are saying about our boat delivery services.

Highly recommend Captain Will. We are new boat owners and we are so happy to have hired Captain Will to show us things we never thought we could learn without practicing for months and months. Not only did we learn them but he taught us in less than 4 hours. He even took the time to walk us through some pretty important mechanics of our boat, showed us some tricks of our gps system and got us docking our boat in no time. Even backing it in and almost “parallel parking” it. Such a great experience and a great Captain. We learned so much today and happy to know that we are gaining the skills to be more confident and knowledgeable on the water. Thank you Captain Will. Look forward to next time in just a few weeks.
Steen Ry
Tierra Verde, Florida
I can not tell you how much fun I had today with Captain Will on top of learning how and practicing how to dock, anchor and stern steering with manipulating the bow. Capt. Will is calm and direct with his helping cues. Hearing "do not over think this" let me know I got it, now do it. I think any one who is still a little " stressed " coming home to get back on the lift, would be happy with the results from a session with him. I know you will learn something new that will make boating much easier ‼️ Thank you, Capt. Will for all your help and a great day❣.
Dee Thompson
St. Pete Beach, Florida
Will is a great instructor who will help improve your skills whether you are a new boater, experienced boater, or someone who has some skills but is new to Florida conditions. He is patient, smart, an amazing person to work with, and you will enjoy your time with him. His calm and pleasant teaching manner will push you to learn, gain confidence, and improve your skills. I highly recommend him for his experience and knowledge.
Chris Motta
Palmetto, Florida
Captain Will turned me into a boater. I had zero experience but after several lessons, I feel comfortable taking out my first boat on the water. Captain Will is knowledgeable and patient. He will make sure that you feel comfortable in as many scenarios as possible. I highly recommend him for any level of boater.
Clinton Diebert
Tierra Verde, Florida
This was an outstanding class! We learned so much we were spent afterwards. Will was patient, professional and just a genuinely good guy! Great Job!!!
Kevin Hawkes
Madeira Beach, Florida

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