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We provide quality, professional coaching and instruction for boat owners.


“Creating better boaters one at a time”

3 ways to describe the Captains Coaching program
  • Utmost Patience
  • Calm but proactive training demeanor
  • Confident approach (You can do it)
The Captain’s Coach was founded with the boater in mind. We are boaters, captains, fisherman, divers, and sandbar enthusiasts. We understand you which is why our services are designed to help boat owners across the country. We were tired of standing on the sidelines watching frustrated, unsafe boaters at the boat ramp, the dock, and the sandbar continually struggle. Our experienced, patient, and well-trained captains help you successfully learn how to manage these situations. Our goal is to make you a pro, a perfectionist in every situation you encounter. No more second guessing. No more drama. No more frustration. Just a relaxing fun-filled day on the water which is the main reason you bought a boat to begin with. We can help you become the boater you want to be. Whether this is your first 20ft center console or 75ft yacht we will make you the best. The only question now is, are you ready to learn invaluable, lifelong boating skills that will ensure you’ll have a more enjoyable time on the water?

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The Captain's Coach
Boating Instructional Course

Learn confidence on the water by training the right way.


Do any of these sound like you?

Bad day at the dock? Hard time getting back on the lift?
Argued with your spouse? Anchoring at the sandbar nightmare?
Ran aground because you didn’t understand the navigation signs?


We understand. We have worked with all types of boaters who have struggled with these very scenarios.

The Captain’s Coach offers a multitude of services designed to help new and experienced boaters avoid and eliminate these stressful and unfortunate situations.

We offer instructional classes geared toward docking, anchoring, handling, navigation, etiquette, rules of the road, and many other courses. Our boat training is second to none. We are professional, patient, and understand your needs as a captain who wants to improve your skills. Our quality training has helped boaters across the state of Florida. Make sure to check out our testimonials. We offer several different classes and packages designed to suit each person we help. The training is 100% designed to cater to your individual needs.

We also offer delivery services from point A to B. Whether it’s a new or current boat we can help make your journey safe and stress free. Captain for hire services are available as well if you want to kick back and enjoy the day with your family without all the hassle of handling the vessel.

If you’re looking for a new boat, ordered a new boat, or in the market for a particular boat we can help you find and give you the knowledge needed to make a smart decision. We can help coordinate the delivery, the boat purchase, and all the ends and outs of purchasing a vessel.

Please fill out our contact form to learn more about our services. We will be in touch with you promptly to help you with your desired service.

Referrals & Testimonials

Our customer referrals are a major part of our continued success.

Highly recommend Captain Will. We are new boat owners and we are so happy to have hired Captain Will to show us things we never thought we could learn without practicing for months and months. Not only did we learn them but he taught us in less than 4 hours. He even took the time to walk us through some pretty important mechanics of our boat, showed us some tricks of our gps system and got us docking our boat in no time. Even backing it in and almost “parallel parking” it. Such a great experience and a great Captain. We learned so much today and happy to know that we are gaining the skills to be more confident and knowledgeable on the water. Thank you Captain Will. Look forward to next time in just a few weeks.
Steen Ry
Tierra Verde, Florida
I can not tell you how much fun I had today with Captain Will on top of learning how and practicing how to dock, anchor and stern steering with manipulating the bow. Capt. Will is calm and direct with his helping cues. Hearing "do not over think this" let me know I got it, now do it. I think any one who is still a little " stressed " coming home to get back on the lift, would be happy with the results from a session with him. I know you will learn something new that will make boating much easier ‼️ Thank you, Capt. Will for all your help and a great day❣.
Dee Thompson
St. Pete Beach, Florida
Will is a great instructor who will help improve your skills whether you are a new boater, experienced boater, or someone who has some skills but is new to Florida conditions. He is patient, smart, an amazing person to work with, and you will enjoy your time with him. His calm and pleasant teaching manner will push you to learn, gain confidence, and improve your skills. I highly recommend him for his experience and knowledge.
Chris Motta
Palmetto, Florida
Captain Will turned me into a boater. I had zero experience but after several lessons, I feel comfortable taking out my first boat on the water. Captain Will is knowledgeable and patient. He will make sure that you feel comfortable in as many scenarios as possible. I highly recommend him for any level of boater.
Clinton Diebert
Tierra Verde, Florida
This was an outstanding class! We learned so much we were spent afterwards. Will was patient, professional and just a genuinely good guy! Great Job!!!
Kevin Hawkes
Madeira Beach, Florida
The Captain’s Coach has been a great resource for my husband and I. He was very patient with us during our 4hr class. His overall knowledge was well worth the money and he immediately impacted our ability to drive the boat. Definitely recommend the lessons!
Nicole Manske
St. Petersburg, Florida
Great captain! I have learned a lot with Will. I am a First time boater on a 33 Grady White. So imaging! And i am now confident docking and driving around! I have also used him as a captain for party days and fishing charters and I have felt always safe!
Sarasota, Florida
Capt. Will is a fantastic teacher. His docking instruction is very helpful. He is calm and informative when teaching new boaters how to dock their boat. He has taught several of our members in our marina in Tierra Verde. Definitely worth the booking!!!
Yannick Taviere
St. Petersburg, Florida

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